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Private Hire

Mother and baby swimming

Private hire is an opportunity for individuals or families to enjoy the seclusion and privacy of our pool, with no interruptions, scenic views and calm water.

We have 2 options for private hire:

  1. Regular hire. Book the same hour privately every week. (Only currently available before 9am or after 7pm on weekdays, before 8am or after 5pm on Saturday, Sunday 6-12am or 2-10pm)

  2. One-off hire. Select the day and time you want to come once. Please use this link to check upcoming availability:

Please note that due to the nature of private hire availability is very limited and normally outside of swim school hours.

Lone swimming is not allowed due to no other person being present to raise the alarm should they get into difficulties.

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Payment information for Private Hire
Once you have confirmation of your booking please pay by bank transfer into the business account:
s/c: 40-26-11
acc: 01779338
‘Name & Hire Date’ as reference
Cost for a One-Off Private Hire is:
£20 an hour during the week term time + 20%VAT = £24
£25 an hour during the weekend or school holidays + 20% VAT = £30
Regular Private Hire:

£60 + 20%VAT = £72 a month for 1hr a week
VAT registration number is 436 4139 96
This fee covers up to 2 adults. Children are not charged for.
Additional adults are charged at £5 supplement per couple or family for each booking.

Additional half hours or hours are charged at the same rate.

Guidelines for Private Hire (updated 6th April 2022)

Prior booking is essential. When making your booking acceptance of the conditions below are assumed.

Lone swimming is not allowed due to no other person being present to raise the alarm should they get into difficulties.

  1. Parking is available near the entrance, please follow the signs and respect the 10mph speed limit.

  2. Arrive 5 mins prior to booking start time. If you arrive earlier, please remain in your car.

  3. Use the door entrance code that was provided when you booked to gain access to the building. The door pulls open outwards.

  4. Sanitise hands on entry using pump provided.

  5. Bring a large bag. Remove shoes on entry. Remove clothes in Client Changing room 1 as indicated. Use shower/toilet. Put all belongings in bag & bring onto poolside. Put bag onto shelving provided.

  6. Noodles & floats are available on poolside for use. Please leave tidy afterwards. If required bring your own arm bands or swim jacket for non-swimmers.

  7. Supervise children closely - drowning is a key risk encountered in swimming pools. Our pool is not lifeguarded for your session so you are responsible at all times for the safety of your group.

  8. Our hot tub is available for client use. Please cover it after use to retain heat. Note safety advice not to use if pregnant, monitor time children are in the hot water, and use steps provided with caution.

  9. Anti-bacterial spray is available to wipe all high touch points before and after use (benches, seats, handrail, toilet, door).

  10. Collect bag and enter Client Changing room 2 five minutes prior to your end time. Shower and change promptly (if necessary).

  11. Accessible (Disabled) facilities are available at all times for those clients who require them before, after or during your swim. Please leave these for clients who need them if possible.

  12. All processes and guidelines will be under constant review and may change with minimal notice. Please look out for signs and communications.

  13. Safety Notices are clearly displayed in the pool hall. In particular the pool is Not Lifeguarded. Pool depth is between 1m to 1.4m. No diving or running on poolside is permitted.

  14. Always bring a mobile phone with you and be prepared to alert help in an emergency. This is an unstaffed facility and you are responsible for the health and safety of yourself and all those with you at all times. There is no land line on the premises.

  15. Lighting in the changing facilities is automatic so will come on when you enter the room and automatically turn off after you leave. Lighting on the poolside is manual. If you are the first pool user of the day please turn it on. If you are the last pool user of the day please turn it off before leaving. If you are unsure if people swim before or after you please ask management.

  16. There is an accident and incident book available. Please use it to record anything, and always alert the owner so that action can be taken to prevent re-occurrence whenever possible.

  17. If you break anything, including equipment, take steps to prevent others from using it/make things safe. Always notify the manager.

  18. We cannot be responsible for safe storage of lost property and will dispose of anything left for more than a week unless you have contacted us. Please check you have all of your belongings (and those of your children)!

  19. The Water Quality is very important to your health and safety. It is checked regularly by staff but also relies on your co-operation and vigilance.

    • If there is faeces or sick in the water evacuate immediately and do not re-enter until the owner permits. Extra cleaning will be needed. If staff aren't present then make sure they are contacted.

    • If you or your child has had diarrhoea you should not swim for 14 days.

    • If you think the water in the pool looks cloudy or unhealthy alert the manager.

    • Swim nappies must be worn by all children who wear normal nappies throughout the day. Standard nappies are not suitable.

  20. Food must not be brought onto or consumed on the poolside. Plastic water bottles may be brought onto poolside to avoid dehydration. No glass or cans should be brought onto poolside. Never swim after drinking alcohol or straight after eating.


  22. Unfortunately Cancellations will not be refundable.

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please adhere to our one way system

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