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Aqua Fit

Need to exercise but don't want the impact of traditional aerobics or gym classes? 
Yearning for a motivating way of exercise that delivers the benefits while you have fun to music with a fantastic instructor who can tailor to your individual needs?
Book online now to join us. We run classes 7 times a week, mornings, evenings and weekends.

Our groups are supportive, inclusive, and truly work!



Benefits of Aqua Fit

Aqua Fit is an adult group exercise class for all ages and abilities. Water is a fantastic medium for exercise, particularly for those who want to reduce impact on joints, while still getting a great aerobic work out. A qualified instructor will take you through the work out, with music

Instructions and procedures (updated April 2022)

We suggest that you come ready in your swimwear, with easy clothing/robes over the top. This will allow you to spend as little time in the smaller communal areas as possible.

During your class you will be able to socially distance.

If you would like to use aqua fit dumbbells please bring your own if possible, but we do have some to borrow.

Changing rooms are available after your session.

Please bring your own towel.

Please read the following guidelines before attending a session: 

To find availability, book and pay through our online system please follow this link:

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