Learning to swim as an adult

A busy Mum learns to swim. From never putting her face in or having any previous technique lessons we achieved this within 12 weekly classes. As a result she was able to join the family in the pool on holiday for the first time. She continues to come to a weekly class and boasts that she loves swimming and the feeling of freedom and relaxation. Learning to swim as an adult can be driven by many factors. Often it is so that you can enjoy time with the grandchildren, or children maybe on a holiday you have already booked. Other clients have had life changing illnesses or injuries and swimming provides the ideal form of excerice to rebuild strength and fitness. As it is a non-load baring exerci

What is a pool party and who are they for?

Thinking of fun and different ideas for your child's birthday party can be stressful and expensive! Here at Grange Farm Swim School we love hosting parties in our warm heated indoor pool and bubbly hot tub. With the music adding to the fun your child and their friends and family can all enjoy a good splash, followed by some lovely party food and a home made birthday cake - whatever the weather is doing outside! Who are the parties suitable for? There really are many answers to this. We have run very successful First Birthday parties, parties for primary school age children, parties for those tricky teens, and even Hen parties. The hot tub (a gorgeous 38 degrees) adds the luxury and pampering

The benefits of baby swimming

Taking your baby swimming for the first time can be a slightly daunting experience for most parents. Are they too young? Will they enjoy it? Will the water be too cold? Usually you will have a plethora of questions bounding around you mind, but for the most part, there is nothing to worry about. Experts at the ASA and paediatricians would usually recommend that a baby starts swimming at around six months old, but you can always start to get them prepared before they go to the pool. You can use the bath to get them used to the feeling of being immersed in water. All these pictures have been taken during Water Baby classes at Grange Farm Swim School. Many thanks to the parents and babies who h

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