Frequently Asked Questions & Charges


What are the general operating procedures?

Admissions Policy

Overall procedures

  1. Contact is made directly to pool manager Lucy Ryan by prospective user or administrator Nicola Lane. This is a private pool so please call first to ensure you are booked before arriving.

  2. Medical and Registration form is completed by every user, 1 per family. Contact Lucy with any updates / amendments to be made on the forms.

  3. The swimming pool is NOT LIFEGUARDED and is used entirely at the risk of each individual user. This is also the case for the parking area and access to the building. Please always carry a mobile phone so that you can alert help in an emergency. Let someone know where you are if swimming alone. Always supervise children and non-swimmers.

  4. Float aids and toys found at the pool can be used at your own risk. Please leave tidy after use.

  5. Completed Medical & Registration Forms are stored off-site to ensure confidentiality

  6. All accidents and incidents are recorded in the appropriate document by the user or pool manager.

  7. Do not enter the plant room. There is no fire or emergency exit through that door. There are dangerous chemicals stored and used. The room is kept padlocked and only authorised people can enter.

  8. Any complaints or feedback should be made directly to the manager or administrator

  9. A timetable notice is clearly displayed in the swimming pool at all times

  10. The last user of the pool each day is required to cover the pool with the pool cover. Please inform the pool manager if you can't attend - to ensure that it is still covered.

  11. Users must shower before using the pool or hot tub. This minimises germs and chemicals required in the water.

  12. Any users of the hot tub must be able to cover the hot tub after every use. This normally requires two people to lift.

  13. All lights must be turned off upon exiting the pool. This includes the underwater lighting.

  14. All doors must be locked when exiting the pool - please check sliding doors near hot tub.

  15. The door entry code will be changed at the discretion of the owner. Registration details will be used to notify users of the new code, so it is in your best interests to ensure these are kept up to date.

  16. All payments can be made by bank transfer into a specified business account so that it is traceable. This is our preference for all services. A card reader is now also available when the building is staffed.

  17. During group swimming lessons for children 4yrs and over parents are requested to leave the poolside once the lesson has begun. This allows the teacher to run the best class possible so that your child learns to swim safely. Class size is kept at a manageable level (normally 6 for non-swimmers or beginners) and all teachers have valid lifesaving qualifications. Please remove outdoor shoes in the changing area, before entering the pool hall. Please supervise siblings or other children in your care at all times. There are hazards in the garden near the pool, such as an outdoor pond, that cause risk. Please do not attempt to teach or direct your child during their lesson. This can cause confusion and distract class members and the teacher, putting everyone at risk.

  18. Refunds if your child is ill or your arrangements change are at the discretion of the manager and are not guaranteed.

  19. The management reserve the right to change the timetable at any time. Reasonable notice will be given to regular users.

  20. Your booking is only confirmed once payment has been made. Cancellations require 48hr notice and then staff will endeavour to offer you a suitable alternative if your slot can be re-sold. No refunds are available for private hire.


Guidelines for entry are recommended as a ratio of 2 children to 1 responsible adult. Under 4s admission is 2 children to 1 adult as long as they are fully supported in the water by a buoyancy aid. This is just a recommendation as the ultimate decision is with the parent/carer what they can comfortably manage.

The depth of the pool is signed to ensure that users are aware of water depth without staff needing to be present. The water is relatively shallow (1- 1.4m) meaning that adults are in their depth at all times.

Babies, small children or toddlers must not be left unsupervised on the side of the pool. Buggies and prams should not be brought into the pool building, to reduce the possibility of contaminants being brought onto poolside & possible blocking of emergency exits.

Swim nappies must be worn by all children who wear nappies throughout the day. Standard nappies are not suitable or appropriate. Please dispose of these properly - using the bins at the end of the drive when possible.

Food must not be brought onto or consumed on the poolside. Plastic water bottles may be brought onto poolside to avoid dehydration. No glass or cans should be brought onto poolside (If you are diabetic or require an alternative procedure please discuss with management).

Current or recent illness including respiratory problems, infections, digestive upsets and rashes are indications against participation. Any person with a recent history of diarrhoea (i.e. within the last 14 days) should not swim.

No outdoor shoes should be worn in the pool hall. Storage shelves, benches and baskets are provided. This policy assists with pool hygiene and cleanliness.

In the event of a power cut it is still safe to swim, and change due to our installation of emergency lighting. This is the case for around 3 hours after a powercut. The jets of the hot tub will not work in the event of a power cut.


What are the Charges ?


Pricing may change at any time at the discretion of the owner, as this is a private facility.


Current pricing is:

Aqua fit class £5 for 45min 

Parent and Child Classes: £6.50 per class, payable a term at a time.

Group Classes: £6 per child per class payable a term at a time.

1-1 lessons for adults: £15 for a 30min class

Private lessons inclusive of a teacher (i.e. home schooling or individual children/siblings): £40 an hour with a teacher. £25 half hour lesson. 

Private Pool hire is £20 per hour or £50 a month if a monthly bank payment is set up. This price covers up to 2 adults and their children. Additional adults or families are £5 per hour for up to 2 adults and their children during the same hour. This can be paid adhoc if the regular client has guests, or also on a monthly basis if say 3 adults are using the pool together regularly. The additional charge is required because bather load is an important factor in heating and sanitising the pool. It is very common for swimming pools to charge per user. As the facility does not have a receptionist this arrangement is based on trust and honesty so your co-operation is appreciated.

Pool Party cost is £200 for up to 10 party guests. This covers up to 1.5 hours of pool and hot tub (and sound system / TV), and party food and home made birthday cake. Total party time is 2hrs. Additional guests can be catered for at an additional price per head of £3.50. Longer pool time is also available for parties or why not try a Sing and Swim Party !