Please only make payment if your booking is confirmed by our administration or management staff.

Current pricing is:

Aqua fit class £5.50 for 45min 

Parent and Child Classes: £7 per class, payable a half term at a time.

Group Classes: £6.50 per child per class payable a half term at a time.


Private lessons inclusive of a teacher (i.e. home schooling or individual children/siblings): £40 an hour with a teacher. £25 half hour lesson.


1-1 lessons for adults: £20 for a 30min class

One off Private Pool hire is £20 per hour during the week or £25 an hour at the weekend. For regular hire of the same hour every week for at least a month this is reduced to £60 a month. This price covers up to 2 adults and their children. Additional adults or families are £5 per hour for up to 2 adults and their children during the same hour. This can be paid adhoc if the regular client has guests, or also on a monthly basis if say 3 adults are using the pool together regularly. The additional charge is required because bather load is an important factor in heating and sanitising the pool. It is very common for swimming pools to charge per user. As the facility does not have a receptionist this arrangement is based on trust and honesty so your co-operation is appreciated.

Parties are currently on hold until COVID protocols are further understood.