What We Offer

Grange Farm is a beautiful indoor heated swimming pool and hot tub which offers privacy and luxury to build confidence & swimming ability. Enjoy high quality swimming lessons or book private swimming slots for your family & friends. 



Fantastic inclusive water based fitness sessions. It is not essential that you can swim.

We hope there is a time to suit you. Use this link to find available spaces & book your class:

The top benefits of aqua aerobics

  1. Water supports the body, putting less stress on your joints and muscles

  2. Working out in water helps build strength. Fighting against the push of the water activates your muscles

  3. Water pressure helps put less strain on the heart by moving blood around the body

  4. The impact of gravity is less in the water allowing a greater range of motion

  5. Working out in water helps prevent overheating, helping you exercise for longer

  6. And… it’s fun! It is not often you can say that about a workout.😁


Swimming Lessons

Grange Farm Swim School offers professional swimming lessons for all ages and abilities. Water Safety skills could save you or your child's life, particularly here in the Fen's where we are surrounded by water!


Water Baby Classes

Babies are born to swim! We believe it is never too early for your child to learn to swim. Being with your little one in water for the first time is quite simply a beautiful experience that should not be missed. Supervised by our experienced teachers, you and your baby can splash, giggle and have time together in a relaxed environment. It's a great way to bond with your baby - and we welcome Dads/partners/Aunties/Grandparents at as many classes as they can make. Starting off with close cuddling in the pool to watching them at ease glide through the water is wonderful. Not only does it build their confidence it helps their muscles grow stronger, helps with balance and sets them up for a life long love of swimming! 

The classes are structured and progressive, using songs and fun to increase the range of movements your baby enjoys in the water. This class is for babies from around 6 weeks old to 1 year. Baby must wear a swim nappy.


Water Toddler Classes 

From 1 year to 3 years this class progresses from Water Baby and is more focussed on increasing independence in the water. The parent/carer is in the water with the child but you can also experiment with float aids so that your child can enjoy and learn how to control movement themselves. Music helps to keep your child interested and relaxed while introducing new skills and progressing those they have already learnt - like blowing bubbles in the water or using their arms to reach for toys. Children who are not potty trained must wear a swim nappy.


 Group Swimming Lessons

 Small groups are taught by consistent, qualified & DBS checked teachers so that rapid progress can be made along the Swim England Learn to Swim Certification programme. Your child will follow structured lessons to build their confidence and ability while reducing float aids and trying to achieve their next badge and certificate! 

Lessons are available for all ages and abilities. Classes are small enough to reap the benefits but big enough to bring the social element to the lesson. Thanks to the experience of each instructor your child will be in a group relevant to them with no pressure but to have fun and enjoy allowing them to progress with ease and at their own pace. It's a fantastic way for your child to exercise, gain confidence in the water and to socialise. Swimming is a sport for life and many children continue into competitive swimming - which is encouraged and supported. Aimed at children from 3yrs (Pre-school) to around 12yrs.


Children's Private Swimming Lessons 

For those children who need some confidence and ability, or require specialist care this is perfect. The space and peace is ideal for them to relax and enjoy without the worry of other children and adults being around. Many children who have taken this route have gone on to join the bigger groups for lessons and absolutely love swimming now. There are very real physical and mental benefits from learning to swim and we will work very hard to make this available to all pupils. Sibling groups are offered.


Adult Private Swimming Lessons

For those adults who have not learnt to swim, or who haven't cracked that tricky front crawl breathing technique. Lessons on a one to one basis start at whatever level the individual needs and will be held at your level and comfort. We are proud to say we have some real success stories and seeing these adults now come back and swim with their families is fantastic. I'm proud to have been part of these stories and associated health benefits.

Pool Parties. 

There is nothing more stressful than organising a children's party! Let us take the pressure off you and organise a different party for your kids! They can splash away with friends & use the hot tub within a party atmosphere (supervised by our rescue trained staff!) Lots of music, lots of splashing, lots of laughter! Once dried off, the kids can enjoy some home cooked party food and of course no birthday is complete without a yummy, homemade birthday cake! We are the proud holders of NCASS Safe Food Level 2 certification and Food Hygiene Level Rating 5 Stars.

School Swimming Lessons

We welcome our local Primary School for class swimming lessons. We also host a number of specialist schools, who particularly appreciate the privacy and exclusivity. Fully insured and risk assessed these lesson are run by a fully qualified instructor who will liase with your school as to abilities and lesson plans. Our facilities include separate changing areas and ample parking. 


Triathlon/Open Water Swimming

Learn techniques and tips for open water swimming. Entered a triathlon or Open Water event ? For invaluable preparation contact us for help as one of our teachers recently undertook the very latest training in this area.

Private Pool Hire

One of the things Grange Farm does best is make you feel welcome and relax. Why not take some time from the stress of daily life and hire our pool for your family, friends or just yourself. Tick off your exercise for the day, then take full advantage of our hot tub overlooking the beautiful garden. No matter the weather it's a great way to chill out, forget your daily struggles and enjoy some time for you or to catch up with your friends. This is great for those who love swimming but value their privacy! 


Grange Farm Studio

We are lucky enough to boast a stunning professional recording studio, run by the talented engineer and producer Isi Clarke. For further information on recording, or our popular 'Pop Star Parties' please follow this link:


Please note we have three designated changing areas for your comfort, shower facilites, toilet and on site parking, including 2 designated disabled parking spaces. 

Own towels must be provided.