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Learning to swim as an adult

A busy Mum learns to swim. From never putting her face in or having any previous technique lessons we achieved this within 12 weekly classes. As a result she was able to join the family in the pool on holiday for the first time. She continues to come to a weekly class and boasts that she loves swimming and the feeling of freedom and relaxation.

Learning to swim as an adult can be driven by many factors. Often it is so that you can enjoy time with the grandchildren, or children maybe on a holiday you have already booked. Other clients have had life changing illnesses or injuries and swimming provides the ideal form of excerice to rebuild strength and fitness. As it is a non-load baring exercise there is minimal impact on joints, and it uses many muscle groups so that you gain tone and strength in your upper and lower body.

If this is something on your bucket list - then why not try now ?

What is holding you back?

"I'm scared"

Of course you are. It is natural and rational to be scared of water. We are not fish and we can't breath under water. Perhaps you remember an incident in the past where you were under the water unintentionally and didn't think you could get back to the surface. Perhaps you panicked or were 'thrown in' at some point.

At Grange Farm we teach adults individually as everyone has a different starting point. Your story to this first lesson is unique therefore our classes can be designed to match your individual needs.

I'll leave you with an inspiring quote from one of my clients - who this week learned to swim Butterfly (the most challanging of the 4 swimming strokes!) "Having had an accident that resulted in the loss of most of my left leg, I asked Lucy if she could help me learn to swim again. She has been great, always friendly and encouraging and really knows how to train swimmers. I can honestly say my swimming is better now than before the accident - thanks Lucy!"

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